Consider This Before You Build a Website

Your business is a self-made story, but your website doesn't have to be a DIY nightmare.

What if a small business could afford professional design services to build their online presence: line by line, client by client, year by year?

MK/MCI Design is a service-based website developerhelping you keep the lights on in your small business.

Your business is your life and whether you're on Main Street or online your logo, store design, signage, & print ads all have to work together to tell your business story in a consistent way that your customers are drawn to and trust.

I have been working in all of these areas for a longtime. MK/MCI Design, a brand owned by KWL House, LLC, also happens to be my life. Literally.

My name is Marty McIntyre. I came into this world as “MK” and now operate as a graphics & web designer as the “MCI.” I have the experience gained from a lot of years of listening to and serving others. My heart is for serving small businesses, especially, through these tough times.

How can I help your business?

4 Things to Consider

  1. What if being a small business owner meant you didn't have to wear so many hats?

  2. What if you didn't have to labor over computer code in order have a custom website?

  3. What if you didn't feel overwhelmed with fonts, pixels and hex code colors?

  4. What if trying to set up your business' presence on all the social platforms didn't take up so much of your time?

What if there really was a better way?

There is!

Call or Text today and see how MKMCI Design can best serve you!


  • Web Design

  • Graphic Design: Logo, Branding

  • Social Media Content, Writing

I understand that you need more than just a website, and I commit to listen humbly and work boldly for your business!